We provide custom platform development for specialized sites.


We strongly believe in building solutions that scale.  It’s difficult to predict future internet trends and capabilities.  Developing a site that will easily scale is something we specialize in.

Any Size

There truly isn’t an idea that is too small or too large.  Contact us regarding your next project.

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We provide design, development, and support of WordPress websites.


WordPress is an award winning CMS/Blogging application written in PHP.  It is currently the most widely used blogging engine.

WordPress is an ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses that need to have an online presence.  It is extremely easy to maintain by
We provide affordable theme customization services for small to medium sized business.


In most cases wordpress is an extremely affordable choice.  Most sites are based off of pre-built “themes”.  The themes are customized to the project needs.  The result is a reliable and elegant solution.

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We offer an extremely powerful e-commerce package that will truly scale from the simplest to the large scale projects.

Driven by GoCart

We are the developers behind GoCart.  GoCart is a popular ecommece solution built on a CodeIgniter platform.

Simple + Scalable

The popularity of GoCart is largely due to its efficient and simple code base.  This quality base allows the package to scale to truly any size.   From the simplest to a large scale ecommerce solution, GoCart is a great choice.

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About Us

Clear Sky Designs is a web design and development firm based in Bend, Oregon. We’ve offered comprehensive web and e-commerce solutions for a variety of organizations since 2000.

Our specialty is developing powerful custom internet applications that will empower you to improve communication with your intended audience.

 Contact us or learn more  to discuss your next project.

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